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Faux Fur - Yes or No?

So, here's the thing. I found this jacket:

Totally me, right? I would rock that coat. Huge, red, fluffy, I would feel like a rockstar in it and it would be lots of fun to wear.

But it's fur. Faux fur.. but fur.

Why would I quibble over that? I'm not sure.  Here's what's in my head about it:

I eat meat, and I have no problem at all with that. I like to eat meat that's sourced from ethical places, where I know the animals were happy in their lives and slaughtered with respect. I don't think raising animals for food is intrinsically wrong.

I've had no problem wearing real fur in the past when I have known the source - a friend with a rabbit farm, for instance. I know those rabbits had a happy hoppy life before they were respectfully culled for their meat, and to throw away the skins over a quibble seemed wasteful and stupid.

I also saw wearing vintage furs as a lesser evil.. if the animal had been dead longer than I'd been alive, there seemed to me to be more disrespect in tossing it's skin into landfill than wearing it.

I know others feel differently though, and some I have heard people argue that we shouldn't wear faux fur, because it encourages the fur industry, which is cruel.

What do you think? Do you wear fur, real or faux? Do you think others should wear fur, real or fake? Do you think if it's vintage or ethically sourced that makes a difference? Tell me what you think....

New: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass.

As a self-confessed MAC addict and lipgloss lover, i was thrilled when MAC released the new range of Sheen Supreme Lipglass to complement the Sheen Supreme Lipstick range.

The product comes in 11 shades, my favourite of which is Cherry Fest, a pink with a high level pearl sheen to it. I love the shine of MAC's Lipglass and though i haven't yet tried the products, i'm very excited to get to the MAC counter and pick up one or two of these little beatties for myself.

The packaging is a click-pen type setup, which is great for eliminating that "oops i squeezed too hard" moment where you end up with a trout pout full of gloss, but on the downside, you also can't physically squeeze out every last drop of product.

Overall, though...I'm very exbited about this new range (and the fresh new colours that they have released in the Sheen Supreme Lipstick range), and i'm sure to post a review very soon.

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers 2012 | Latest Vidya Balan Wallpapers, Pics, Photo Gallery

Latest Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers 2012

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Vidya Balan is Bollywod actress,born on 1st january 1978 in kerala(India).Her height is 5'4"(1.63m) and birth name is Vidya P.Balan.Her debuted Hindi film is Parineeta with co-star Sanjay Dutt and Saif Ali Khan was hit.She has done some good movies like Lage Raho Munna Bhai,Bhul Bhulaiya. She is Arts graduate in Socialogy from St. Xavier's College as well as Master Degree from Bombay University. She is doing various Film of famous Banners.

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers,/span>

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers

Vidya Balan Hot Wallpapers